How Leonardo DiCaprio Inspired Halsey’s ’Bad At Love’

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Halsey has officially released a brand-new music video for her single, “Bad At Love” and you’ll never believe where the singer drew inspiration from for the concept!

Speaking to Billboard, Halsey explained that the video, which serves as a continuation of her “Now Or Never” music video, was actually inspired by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Halsey actually came up with the concept for the track while trying to get over a breakup. Amidst a well-deserved serving of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a viewing of one of many of DiCaprio’s classics, “Bad At Love” was born.

However, it wasn’t until the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom singer hit the studio with the track’s co-writer and producer Ricky Reed that= DiCaprio’s influence really came into place.

“I kept telling [Ricky Reed], “I really want this song to sound like Leonardo DiCaprio in a Hawaiian t-shirt in a droptop yellow convertible car, driving down the highway like in Miami Vice with all his friends,” said Halsey.

According to Halsey, they worked on the track until she felt as though she could see DiCaprio whenever she heard it. Unfortunately, DiCaprio doesn’t make a cameo in Halsey’s new music video, but the singer still pulled off the imagery she was inspired by while creating the song! The video actually features a pretty memorable scene of Halsey and her friends making a quick getaway in a bright orange convertible.

(H/T: Just Jared)

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