Reese Witherspoon On TV Reunion With Jennifer Aniston: ‘I’m Excited’

(Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images For ELLE)
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Ever since it was announced that Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are planning to team up for a television series, we’ve been itching to get more details about their upcoming project.

The upcoming series, which was reported by Deadline earlier in August, is set to center around morning news shows. In a recent interview with Extra, Witherspoon couldn’t contain her excitement when asked about working with her new co-star.

“I’m excited because I get to work with Jen every day for a long time so it’ll be really exciting— I’m looking forward to that project,” said Witherspoon.

News of Witherspoon and Aniston’s upcoming series is especially exciting for fans of Friends for two very specific reasons.

For one, it marks Aniston’s grand return to television, something we’ve all been waiting for since Friends wrapped in 2004. Additionally, it’ll also serve as a mini Friends reunion for both actresses.

Everyone knows that Aniston played Rachel Green, but what you might not remember is that Witherspoon once guest starred on the iconic sitcom herself where she played Rachel’s sister. With that in mind, it’ll be fun to see these two silver screen super stars share the small screen again.

Currently, the proposed pilot Aniston and Witherspoon are working on has yet to be shopped out to networks. Given both actresses’ star power though, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before their series gets picked up.

Until then, we’ll be eagerly awaiting more news about the upcoming series set to star two of our favorite leading ladies!

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