Carey Mulligan Reveals ‘The Great Gatsby’ Regret

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The Great Gatsby may have been a blockbuster success — but not everyone was a fan of the movie, including, surprisingly, star Carey Mulligan.

Four years after its release, Mulligan who played Daisy Buchanan in the iconic adaptation that costarred Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, is opening up about what she regrets most about the project.

“I didn’t love my work in Gatsby. I’m not sure if I slightly kind of lost my way because I was intimidated by the scale of it. I think I might have been overawed by my experience and intimidated by the level of performances around me,” Mulligan told Variety in a new interview about her Gatsby experience.

According to Mulligan, the scale of Baz Luhrmann’s film (which was adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel) caught her off guard, and ultimately impacted her performance.

“It was how big it was and how visual it was. I definitely felt there were fleeting moments where I really found the character and then I felt like I lost her a little bit,” she explained. “I’ve never been wholly thrilled about my work in it. I love the character so much and I spent so much time preparing. It might not have translated onto the screen. I think I let my own security get in my own way. In that respect, I wish I could do it again.”

Despite being her own worst critic on the film, fans loved seeing Mulligan in the lead female role, and we think she knocked it out of the park.

What do you think about Mulligan’s performance in The Great Gatsby?

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