‘Dance Moms’ Alum Maddie Ziegler Wants To Be The Next Jennifer Lawrence

(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)
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Maddie Ziegler might’ve gotten her start in the dance world, but she’s not stopping there.

Ziegler has already broadened her horizons in the dance realm by becoming one of Sia’s go-to dancers in her videos and many of her live performances, and now she’s ready to become a full-time actress. Having already starred in 2017’s The Book of Henry, Zielger recently opened up to Galore magazine about her big screen aspirations — and exactly which actors she hopes to model her future acting career after.

At the top of her list? “There are so many people, Jennifer Lawrence – love her,” Zielger told Galore.

The 14-year-old star explained that she hopes to follow in Lawrence‘s footsteps — and we’d say her choice of role models is pretty solid, consider the Silver Linings Playbook actress has an Oscar to her name.

“Her career is somewhere I’d aspire to be,” Zielger said.

When it comes to overall success, however, she has another star in mind to model herself after.

“Even Sia. I hope to become as successful as her, but I love how she doesn’t get the paparazzi all the time,” said Ziegler.

The young dancer has been working hard at transitioning into an actress, but it hasn’t been totally easy. Luckily, her dance background and time on TV with Dance Moms, has helped her when it comes to performing.

“I still dance all the time, but I feel like dancing helped me a lot because you have to act when you dance in a way, so I think it really helped me with the transition and made it slightly easier. But it’s definitely so different in a way,” she explained. “Dancing, you’re always moving. And when you’re acting, you’re a character.”

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