Why Sabrina Carpenter Can’t Listen To Her Own Music

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Sabrina Carpenter’s voice is amazing, but there is one person who doesn’t like listening to it: Sabrina herself!

During an appearance on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Wednesday (Sept. 6), Carpenter revealed that she’s not a fan of listening to her own music. After host Duran asked if he could play a soundbite of her singing a cover of “New Rules” by Dua Lipa the “Why” singer freaked out a little bit.

“Yes, well you do it. You can do it. It’s fine,” Carpenter replied after admitting she is not a fan of hearing her own voice on playback. “It’s the same with watching myself in film or television. I don’t like to watch myself, especially with other people.”

Okay, we sort of get where she is coming from. Even if you were as talented as Carpenter, you could get weirded out by listening to yourself, because it’s just strange. Come on, it’s like the moments you hear yourself on a voice message and ask, “wait, do I sound like that?” but on a grander scale!

When it comes to why Carpenter is uneasy about listening to her songs and watching her acting gigs, she explained that there are two trains of thoughts she has about it.

“On the one hand I feel like you should be your biggest fan. I do, I feel like if you love your music then other people are bound to love it. I do feel like if you’re passionate about it and you put your whole heart into and you love listening to it then there’s to be something to it,” she said.

Carpenter continued revealing her other thought about enjoying one’s own success and songs saying, “Then there is the other hand where you have to stay modest and humble. Don’t love yourself too much.”

Interesting, very interesting. Which thought process do you agree with more?

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