Is Beyoncé Unveiling A New Music Video Soon?

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Get in formation, ladies, because Beyoncé is at it again! The singer may be dropping a new video soon.

Acclaimed director Michael Gondry teased a new project from Bey in an interview with La Presse, confirming that while something has been filmed, it’s not yet ready to be released. While Gondry didn’t specify that the project in question is in fact a music video, we can’t help but hope that Bey will surprise the fandom yet again with more new tracks. That said, there’s no telling when this mystery project will arrive.

“Unfortunately, it’s not out yet because [she] has [just] had twins,” Gondry explained to La Presse about the so-called “clip” he shot with Beyoncé, as reported by Glamour.

Although Gondry didn’t give away any other details, he did say that the project is finished.

“It’s a finished clip that’s very, very good, I think,” he added.

It’s Beyoncé, so of course it’s “very, very good”! Considering that the clip is complete, all that’s left is for Bey to give the greenlight for it to be released!

Here’s hoping she does soon because even though it’s only been a little over a year since Beyoncé’s Lemonade album was the talk of the Beyhive, it’s never a bad time for more music from the 36-year-old singer. Plus, now that she recently welcomed her twins, it could be a while before she releases another album in its entirety (her husband, Jay Z, debuted his new record a week after the twins’ arrival, which means he likely had it finished and ready to go at least weeks before), so putting out a previously taped video would be amazing, and something fans could hold onto until Beyoncé can get back into the studio.

What do you think this music video could be for? Do you think it’s a new song, or one off of Lemonade?

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