‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Could Be Heading Into Dangerous Territory In Season 14

(Photo Courtesy: ABC)
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From spoilery Q&As to behind-the-scenes cast photos, there’s been an abundance of Grey’s Anatomy season 14 teasers as of late, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The most recent teaser comes in the form of a future episode title, and we’re mentally preparing for what it could mean for our favorite Seattle surgeons.

On Sunday (Aug. 27), actor Bardia Seiri shared a photo of the script for an upcoming season 14 episode to announce his guest-starring role on the ABC drama.

“So excited to be a part of this drama on ABC,” Seiri wrote alongside a picture of the episode five script. “GREY’S ANATOMY – Season 14, here I come 🎥🎬📺 #greysanatomy #abc #booked #childactor #actorslife #script #tableread #fitting #shooting.”

According to the photo, episode 5 of season 14 will be titled “Danger Zone.” (Before we dive into the episode title, can we just take a second to say how cool it would be to be a young actor booking a gig on Grey’s Anatomy? It would be awesome!) Okay, now back to the script tease… what could this all mean?

Based on the picture, “Danger Zone” was written by Jalysa Conway and will be directed by Cecilie Mosli. As for what the title could mean, there are two main possibilities — at least in our minds.



For starters, the title could be referring to the fact that everything and anything in regards to Grey Sloan Memorial hospital is a “danger zone.” Think about it, so many things always go wrong at the hospital and danger seems to be lurking around every corner when it comes to the characters on the series.

The other possibility could be that “Danger Zone” could refer to something outside the hospital — say, a literal danger zone. We’ve seen a couple of behind-the-scenes photos on social media lately that seem to indicate the series is setting up for a scene set in a desert-like scenario, and some fans are speculating it could mean the drama will feature a flashback to a war zone in the upcoming season.

What do you think this title means? Will our favorite characters like Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Jackson (Jesse Williams), and Alex (Justin Chambers), face more than the usual amount of danger in season 14?

Grey’s Anatomy returns for season 14 with a two-hour premiere on September 28, 2017 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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