‘Chicago Fire’ Creator Pulls One Over On Fans With ‘Exclusive’ Season 6 Footage

(Photo Courtesy: NBC)
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With Chicago Fire set to return season 6 later this month, fans have pining for a sneak peek at what’s coming up — something Chicago Fire creator Derek Haas couldn’t help but have a little fun with.

On Thursday (Sept. 7), Haas pulled the ultimate prank on fans by sharing an “exclusive” sneak peek at season 6 that turned out to be anything but.

“Exclusive footage of Dawson in the teaser! #chicagofire,” Haas captioned his latest Instagram video tease.

Okay, if you watch this clip you will instantly see that this is NOT Monica Raymund, who actually plays Gabriela Dawson — everyone’s favorite paramedic-turned-firefighter, turned-EMT once more — but instead an adorable little girl.

In all fairness, this is definitely exclusive (no one else would have this footage), and the young girl is putting out a fire (well, a fake one). What it definitely isn’t, however, is a real clip from the show.

Exclusive footage of Dawson in the teaser! #chicagofire

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Needless to say, some fans were not having it — with one even tweeting a “no you didn’t” gif. Others, however, got in on the joke.

“I didn’t think you would make these scenes THIS intense, especially after all we we’ve been through with the finale,”  joked one fan. Prompting Haas to respond, “We’re trying to bring cinema-quality action to your television.”

Many, of course, were too bowled over by the cuteness of the video to take Haas to task for his latest prank.

“got all excited to see monica, but if this wasnt very cute i would be disappointed,” wrote a user.

Echoing that sentiment, another fan wrote: “If this wasn’t so cute I’d be mad.”

This isn’t the first time Haas has tricked fans, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

Remember last month when Haas posted a so-called “preview” of Chicago Fire for fans on Instagram? We all thought it was going to be a scene from the season 6 premiere, but instead it was the DVD of the first episode (the literal DVD), which once it was put into the player only displayed the show’s logo and the title of the episode, which is “It Wasn’t Enough.” Not cool, Haas, not cool.

Even though fans were less than thrilled by these two teases, Haas frequently shows off real images from set, so we can’t stay mad at the creator of one of NBC’s most-beloved series. Here’s hoping the next tease is something we can sink our teeth into!

Chicago Fire returns for its sixth season on September 28, 2017 on NBC.

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