Harry Styles Reveals The Most ‘Personal’ Song On His Album

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Harry Styles’ debut record, Harry Styles, hit number one on the Billboard 200, and had his fans clamoring for more as soon as it dropped. Now, the One Direction singer is opening up about which song he loves the most from the album.

During an intimate chat with his album’s executive producer Jeff Bhasker that was moderated by Cameron Crowe at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles last week, Styles revealed once and for all which song is his favorite from his first solo record. Plus, he explained how he enjoys listening to his music.

“My favorite way to listen to music is on my own, with my eyes closed for example, or not. If I’m driving, or operating machinery, I usually keep them open,” Styles told Crowe during the hour-long chat via Billboard.

As for which track moves him most, Styles admitted that one of the more mellow songs is his favorite, though he understands why it’s important to have upbeat tracks as well.

“But my favorite song on the album, the last song, [‘From the Dining Table’,] is the most personal to me and I think my favorite one,” he said as reported by Billboard. “But I don’t think they have to be. I think it’s just as important to have songs that are fun and make you feel great, and I think that’s just as important as everything being moody and deep and meaningful.”

The 23-year-old singer said his focus for his first album was on making music that filled both the fun category and the deep category, with the common goal of writing what he wanted, and it paid off.

“I felt I was going into the studio to make an album I wanted to make,” Styles said. “I missed music. I just wanted to go on and write with my friends and have a good time and hopefully like what came out at the end.”

Fans definitely like what the “Sweet Creature” crooner came up with, so much so that when Styles begins his first solo tour on Tuesday (yes, tomorrow in San Francisco) he’ll be singing to a sold-out crowd!

Update Sept. 18: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the title of the last song on Harry Styles’ album as “From the Dining Room.” The correct title is “From the Dining Table.”

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