Nick Jonas’ New Single ‘Find You’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

(Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for NYLON)
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Ever since Nick Jonas dropped his brand-new single, “Find You,” fans have been wondering who the pop star could possibly be singing about.

Though it’s easy to assume the song could be about a special someone in Jonas’ life, the “Jealous” singer recently revealed in an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that the song doesn’t mean what you think it does.

When DeGeneres did a little digging and asked Jonas to reveal who had inspired the lyrics, Jonas wound up confessing the surprising true meaning behind the song.

“It’s actually just as much about finding out who I am and being ok by myself versus finding somebody,” explained Jonas, according to ET Online.

Knowing that Jonas actually penned “Find You” about himself, and accepting who he is, completely changes things, and we’ll be listening to the track a little bit differently the next time it comes on the radio now that we know!

In addition to revealing what inspired the lyrics, Jonas also told DeGeneres what inspired the infectiously catchy beat that courses throughout the entire single.

The story goes that Jonas got the idea for the melody while dancing inside of a tent at Coachella.

“I went into the studio in the next day and said, ‘What if I took a house beat, dance approach and I put it into a pop song?,’” he revealed.

Jonas’ idea certainly paid off, and we’ll be excited to find out if his time at Coachella ends up inspiring any more tracks off the artist’s forthcoming album!

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