‘New Girl’ Bosses Hint Nick May Finally Find His Footing In Final Season

(Photo Courtesy: FOX)
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New Girl won’t be returning until 2018, but the show’s executive producers already have a few ideas about where they hope the seventh and final season takes the cast, especially when it comes to Nick Miller (Jake Johnson).

After season 6 of New Girl came to a close in April, executive producers Dave Finkel and Brett Baer chatted with Entertainment Weekly about what they wanted for each character if the show was picked up for another season (which, luckily, it was). According to the EPs, while each character has settled into adulthood through the course of the series, Nick’s storyline still has some ways to go.

“Nick, as an example, has grown so much and gotten to a place where he’s become sorta successful. He’s the one character over the course of the series that I think required the most growth and where he is now is exciting, but I don’t think we’ve mined as much as we could possibly mine out of it,” Finkel told Entertainment Weekly when talking about potential season 7 storylines.

Nick is definitely the character who has had the most to learn along the way, so seeing what he’d be like with a real adult lifestyle would certainly be a treat for fans.

“In a world where Schmidt and Cece and Winston and Jess have all sort of found the thing that they’ve been looking for, at least in their work lives, that Nick’s still on his road is interesting,” Finkel continued, about the series which stars Zoey Deschanel as Jess, Hannah Simon as Cece, Lamorne Morris as Winston, and Max Greenfield as Schmidt. “I think there’s a lot of fun to be had there.”

As the series nears its end, let’s hope Nick manages to find his footing…one Pepperwood Chronicle at a time.

New Girl is slated to return for its seventh season sometime in 2018 on Fox.

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