Niall Horan Reveals The Song Off ‘Flicker’ That Left Everyone Speechless

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Niall Horan’s debut solo album is getting closer and closer to being released, and now the Irish crooner has revealed which song off the album left everyone speechless… including himself.

During a recent radio interview with Zane Lowe on his Apple Beats 1 Radio show, Horan talked about his favorite song off the upcoming album, and how he knew it was great when no one had anything to say after they listened to it. Which song is it, you ask? Well, “Flicker,” obviously.

“’Flicker’ is the title track of the album, really. It’s the one that means the most to me,” Horan told Lowe about the album’s title track. “It was a very poignant moment in the recording process.”

The “This Town” singer — who recently unveiled the tracklist for his upcoming album — went on to describe the recording process for “Flicker” in particular, remembering how stunned both he and the house band were while working on the song.

“I remember after two or three takes, everyone was sort of sitting around and looking at the wall like ‘this is quite the pretty song.’ And I was feeling the same,” he recalled. “We took a break and no one spoke to each other and it was great.”

That hush over the crowd and attention to detail during the session is what led Horan to create his overall process for the album.

“I felt like there was a real carefulness through the recording process, in the recording of this song, and it changed the way I recorded the rest of the album I think,” he said.

If both Horan and the group of professional musicians he worked with on this track were taken aback by the title song off Flicker, then fans are definitely in for a real treat when the former One Direction singer’s solo album drops.

Horan’s Flicker drops on October 20, 2017.

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