‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Says Spinoff Is ‘Completely Different’ From Original Show

(Mitch Haaseth/ABC via Getty Images)
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A Grey’s Anatomy spinoff is coming, and it’s going to be totally different than the original medical drama.

As soon as Shonda Rhimes announced that Grey’s was getting a spinoff, we’ve been thinkings about all the possible ways it could go. Now that we know it’s about firefighters in Seattle, and will star Jason George, it’s clear that the show will be very unique and focus on its own world — with a few possible crossovers, obviously.

“It’s about firefighters. It’s completely different. It’s people on the street [in Seattle],” George told Bustle at Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy party last week. “Grey’s saves the lives when they come into the hospital, and my understanding is this is about saving the lives where they get in danger, and then getting them to the hospital.”

While George’s Grey’s character, Dr. Ben Warren, will be the same (at least in name), he will no longer be a doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital when the new series eventually premieres. He will instead be a firefighter.

That being said, it is a Rhimes series, so George is confident that there will still be the same Grey’s style drama-based stories and relationships on the spinoff.

“You’ll see how they manage to make it through all the craziness they deal with in their day jobs,” George explained.

For fans of Dr. Ben, don’t worry, come season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy, the actor will be reprising his role in a series-regular capacity, but once the spinoff begins, he will be moving over to it.

The good news is that George is all about staying in contact with his Grey’s family, and has previously teased a crossover episode or two, so fans can have the best of both worlds. Until we have to say goodbye to Dr. Ben, let’s all just focus on the new season of Grey’s which begins this week!

Grey’s Anatomy returns for season 14 on September 28, 2017.

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