Shawn Mendes Wants To Create ‘Anthems’

(Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)
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Shawn Mendes is everywhere right now, and he has no intention on stopping anytime soon.

After a successful first leg of his Illuminate World Tour, a chart-topping sophomore album, and performances with some of today’s greatest acts, including Ed Sheeran (whom he surprised his fans with on stage recently), Mendes is a force to be reckoned with, and interestingly enough, he’s already started to think about album number three.

Unlike a lot of artists, Mendes hasn’t exactly mapped out his next album, but after teasing on Twitter a few months ago that “Album 3 vibe is starting to become very clear to me,” he does know how powerful he wants to be in the future.

“I want to create anthems for people. I want to create anthems for big moments in their lives,” Mendes told Crash in September. “I don’t want my music to play for a few months and then go away forever.”

He further explained that he wants his music to not only have staying power, but he wants his tunes to make a difference in some way.

“And not only that, I want to do incredible things that make a difference too. I think it’s not only about the music you release, it’s about the things you do while you’re making the music,” he explained to Crash.

The Canadian singer is set on making “anthems” and moving people through his lyrics, because he knows that as an artist he gets to do something that not many people do: speak to the masses.

“Because I don’t think it’s common for people to have an opportunity to do that, and I have an opportunity to leave a long-lasting impression on millions of people and it would just be silly for me not to,” he admitted. “Music is bigger than me, and I’m going to keep doing it because of that reason.”


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