Shawn Mendes’ Cryptic Tweet About New Song Sends Fans Into A Frenzy

(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)
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Shawn Mendes is usually pretty open with his fans, often doing Q&A sessions after his shows, or posting fun facts on Twitter, but his latest tweet is pretty cryptic and its causing a frenzy among his loyal followers.

On Monday, Mendes took to Twitter to tease what could be something about his future album, which he recently revealed would could feature  “anthems” that his fans could listen to for years. In his tweet, Mendes hinted who his next song was about, and fans are losing it.

“Wrote a song about u,” Mendes cheekily tweeted, sending his fan base into a tailspin trying to decipher who he could be referring to.

While the possibilities are endless when it comes to who this song could be about, the Canadian singer had previously explained that his hit song, “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” was actually about a fictional girl, not a real one, so perhaps this is the same thing.

“I was reading a movie script that I was possibly going to be in and the girl who ‘my character’ kind of falls in love with, I actually really loved, like I really liked the character,” Mendes previously told fans during a Q&A session in Vancouver.

Since Mendes has written about a character in the past, there’s a good chance he’s done it again. Maybe this time it is about a TV character, or a character that is already on film, and not just in a script he read.

Even better, Mendes could be talking about his fans when he said, “u.” He does love his fans, and is open about how much he appreciates them whether its in a large arena, or in a quiet small theater setting, so this song he’s referring to could be an ode to his supportive fanbase.

What do you think Mendes fans, who is the “Treat You Better” singer talking about?

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