‘Downton Abbey’ Star Michelle Dockery Reveals Whether She’d Return For Movie Revival

(Photo Courtesy: BBC America)
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Talks of a Downton Abbey movie have been swirling around for a while now, and Michelle Dockery is weighing in on whether or not she’d return to her Crawley roots.

Although Dockery is currently starring on the TNT drama Good Behavior, if a Downton Abbey reunion movie does take place, she is ready to reprise her role as Lady Mary Crawley, the actress told The Independent.

“Yeah, the phantom script… nobody knows. We’ll see,” Dockery told The Independent when asked about the potential Downton movie script. “Ending Downton was very bittersweet for everyone, it did feel like something that would go on forever and felt like the audience didn’t want it to end. I think that’s why talk of the movie is just endless.”

Downton Abbey ended in 2015, after seven seasons, and fans of the series are already wanting more. The good news is that Dockery is confident something will happen that will give the cast a reason to reunite, she just doesn’t know when it’ll be.

“I’m positive something will happen at some stage. But it is proving difficult to get together a big ensemble cast like ours, so we’ll just have to see,” Dockery explained. “But I’m not bored of Mary.”

With Lady Mary on board to come back, and Dockery’s on-screen father Hugh Bonneville, who played Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham ready to give the series “one last hurrah,” it’s definitely looking good for Downton Abbey fans who want to see their favorite family on the big screen.

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