Good News For ‘Marlon’ Fans

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If you love NBC’s Marlon, then we’ve got some good news for you: the series has officially been picked up for another season!

On Thursday (Sept. 28), NBC announced that the freshman comedy would be getting a second season, Entertainment Weekly  reports, and now fan can finally rejoice. After a 10-episode first-season run, which ended earlier this month (September 13), Marlon Wayans, who plays, you guessed it Marlon Wayne (see what they did there with the name?), will officially be returning to make more comedy magic.

The new comedy is inspired by the real life of Wayans, and it’s pretty funny. On the show his character, Marlon, is a divorced dad, who is  loving, but also very immature. He must figure out how to co-parent with his ex-wife Ashley (played by Essence Atkins, who is best known for Smart Guy), while also trying not to be the biggest kid in the room with his two actual children, Marley (Notlim Taylor) and Zack (Amir O’Neil).

The series, which premiered in August 2017 on NBC, also stars Bresha Webb as Yvette and Diallo Riddle as Stevie.

With the renewal of Marlon, it means another year of the Wayans’ brothers competing on primetime network television. In addition to Marlon being on Marlon, his brother Damon Wayans is the current star of Fox’s cop series Lethal Weapon.

Marlon will return sometime next fall on NBC.

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