‘The Middle’ Season 9 Premiere Scoop: The Hecks Welcome Back One Of Their Own

(Photo: ABC/Michael Ansell)
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The Middle is headed into its final season this fall, and when “Viva La Hecks” premieres the whole family will be back together, and of course that’s going to cause a lot of issues.

The good news is that Axl (Charlie McDermott) is returning — the last time we saw him he had graduated from college and was going to Europe — and he’s bringing a new version of himself to the Heck family.

In the premiere episode, Axl returns home from his summer trip to Europe, “embracing a new, chill European outlook on life,” ABC’s episode synopsis reads. “Mike just wants him to clean up and look for a job, but Frankie thinks Axl will do this on his own and asks Mike to give him a little breathing room.”

Although we’ve been lucky enough that Axl going away to college (as well as Sue for that matter) hasn’t kept the character away from his family for the most part, having him back from Europe in episode one is great news.

Plus, he is an adult now, and needs to get a job, so perhaps he will find one and move out of the family’s house in Orson, Indiana just in time for the series to wrap up later this season. Or maybe, he will live with his parents, Frankie (Patricia Heaton) and Mike (Neil Flynn) forever, annoying them every step of the way.

No matter what happens with Axl, the season premiere will also include new stories for Sue (Eden Sher), who in typical Sue fashion worked all summer and now “she decides to cram in a whole summer of fun in two days before going back to college.”

Brick (Atticus Shaffer), however, is in for the biggest life change, because according to ABC, he is breaking up with his longtime girlfriend Cindy. In order to prepare for his “big sophomore year” he “doesn’t want to be tied down.”

Clearly the Hecks changed a lot summer since we left them, and luckily we can see it all unfold when the show returns next week!

The Middle returns for season 9 on October 3, 2017 on ABC.

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