Bruce Springsteen Says Solo Album Came From ‘Burst Of Writing’

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)
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Bruce Springsteen has released 18 studio albums throughout his career (not including all of his live albums, and compilation records), and now, fans have another solo record from the singer to look forward to.

Ahead of the release of his solo album, Springsteen sat down with Variety as a part of the mag’s two-part October cover issue and gave some details on what fans can expect from his latest venture.

“It’s connected to my solo records writing-wise… but it’s not like them at all. Just different characters living their lives,” Springsteen told Variety about his un-titled, and yet-to-be released solo record.

Because Springsteen has been busy with new ventures, like a Broadway show beginning this month, he admitted to Variety that he hasn’t been writing much. In fact, when asked if his solo album, which started back before his release of Wrecking Ball, was his most recent “burst of writing,” he said yes.

“Yeah, I would say so, which is unusual because I wrote most of that before [2012’s] Wrecking Ball, and I stopped making that record to make Wrecking Ball, and then I went back to it,” Springsteen explained. “So it’s been awhile since I’ve written, but that’s not unusual. That’s occurred plenty of other times in my working life.”

The “Born to Run” singer has been talking about this upcoming solo record since before his 2016 anniversary tour of The River, and despite all of the things he has going on, he still plans to release it… it is complete after all.

“Oh yeah, I’ve just been caught up in other projects. It’s kind of waiting for its moment,” he said. “Good music doesn’t go away!”

While we still don’t have a release date for this next record, Springsteen described it as being influenced by “Southern California pop music of the ‘70s,” and we are so intrigued.

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