Charlie Puth’s Cryptic Tweets Leave Fans Wondering Whether New Music Is On The Way

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)
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Charlie Puth may be about to release new music — depending on how you decipher his recent tweets.

Over the past week, Puth has posted a series of posts on social media that have left fans with more questions than answers, and we’re eager to know what it all means. Beginning on Friday (Sept. 29), the “Attention” singer began sharing black-and-white images with one word captions, all of which are very vague.

The first image is of the 25-year-old singer on a tour bus, looking at his phone why lying on a couch. The picture simply reads, “HOW.” The next picture shows a keyboard and headphones lying on a bed, with the word, “LONG” written as the caption.

Two other images show Puth doing some sort of photo shoot, followed by the result in Polaroid form lying on the same bed where we previously saw his keyboard. The pictures are again in black and white, and the clues are, “HAS,” and “THIS.”

There are a grand total of five pictures from the “One Call Away” singer, the last one posted on Monday (Oct. 2), and they are all hinting at new music from the artist… or so we think.

The most recent tease was a video, dated August 9, 2017, of Puth singing a little melody while driving in a car. The word written alongside it is “BEEN.” When you put all of the cryptic teases together you get, “How long has this been,” which could definitely be a message about his music.

It’s been six months since Puth released a new single, the last one being “Attention” in April 2017, and nine months since he released his first solo album, Nine Track Mind, back in January 2016. While we don’t know for certain what these images are about, our best bet is that Puth has a surprise music drop in store for his fans, and it’s very exciting.

What do you think all of these clues mean?

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