Josh Hartnett Teases His Harrowing New Survival Movie

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Josh Hartnett’s next movie is all about survival, and he had to do it on his own.

While Hartnett has shared screen-time with a number of actors throughout his career, his latest project, 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, rests completely on his laurels. In an interview with Huffington Post, explained why being the sole star of such a harrowing film appealed to him.

“The main reason I wanted to take on the role was the challenge of it, to see what I was made of, as far as that was concerned,” Hartnett told Huffington Post about his new role. “I think it’s difficult to hold an audience’s attention with only one character and I was looking forward to that challenge from the beginning.”

6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain is based on the real-life of former Olympic hockey player Eric LaMarque, who survived eight days alone on a mountain, after snowboarding in a big storm, HuffPost reported.

“He had been lost and self-destructive, and simultaneously blaming himself and looking for an excuse not to for as long as he could remember,” Hartnett said about the character. “This is the story of him waking up essentially and finally finding himself and getting to know himself in a very dramatic way.”

Hartnett has had his own journey of discovery, mainly when he left Hollywood for a break in Minnesota, and although it wasn’t as dramatic, he said used his big life change to channel the Olympian on screen.

“I couldn’t imagine the catharsis that Eric went through on the mountain in this sort of fashion,” he said. “For me, it was just that my entire adult life has been a journey of self-discovery in some way, and I think it’s like that for most people.”

6 Below hits theaters on October 12, 2017.

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