Chris Young Reveals What Makes His New Album ‘Losing Sleep’ Different

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Chris Young is about to release his seventh studio album, Losing Sleep, and this time around there are few things that are different for the singer.

During an interview with Billboard, Young revealed that in addition to releasing a vinyl edition of this album, his upcoming record will have a lot of differently styled songs to appeal to his variety of fans.

Losing Sleep is very progressive as far as how we produced it. When Corey (Crowder) and I produced this together, our goal was to make a project that is cohesive, but also has a lot of ups and downs in it,” Young told Billboard about the album. “Hopefully, it’s an album that people will want to put on and listen to from top to bottom.”

The “I’m Comin’ Over” singer also revealed that his creative approach to one song in particular, “She’s Got A Way,” was different than how he usually crafts tracks.

“We wrote this one on the road, which is a rarity for me. Normally, I write in town, but I wrote this with Corey and Cary Barlowe. They brought an extra bus out, and I was doing a run through Florida,” the 32-year-old singer said of the track. “We just had a cool vibe that day, and Corey had this track built, and I just threw out this title. We started working on it, and about an hour later, we had the whole song wrote.”

No matter where Young worked on his new album, or whether you listen to it on vinyl or a regular CD, the country artist’s new record will be available next week.

Losing Sleep drops on October 21, 2017.

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