‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Teases Animated Episode Calling It ‘Super Cool’

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Supernatural is finally getting a Scooby Doo makeover, and Jared Padalecki couldn’t be happier.

Ahead of season 13’s premiere, the Supernatural cast and creators held a screening for its first episode, and Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester on The CW series couldn’t help but tease the upcoming Scooby Doo episode, which will be animated just like the iconic cartoon.

“We got the script, technically, in March, April… because we did the audio for it several months ago,” Padalecki told reporters via Entertainment Tonight at the screening last week. “They’ve already started drawing it, and we actually saw a little mock-up.”

Twelve seasons later, Padalecki admits that the creators of the series continue to surprise him in a good way, and this cartoon treatment is something he’s always dreamed about.

“Never in my wildest dreams [did I imagine we’d do this],” he continued. “I grew up watching it, so to hear that animated you is going to be on the same screen with the Mystery Machine [is] super cool.”

If the 35-year-old actor had it his way, the Scooby Doo theme would continue way past the one episode they have planned for this season. “I want to do a Scooby-Doo season,” he admitted. “Scooby-natural, all 22 episodes.”

While we don’t have too many details about the Scooby Doo episode, we do know that it will happen this season, and that cartoon versions of Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) is bound to be groovy, especially if the guys are driving the Mystery Machine — and potentially wearing retro clothing as they defeat monsters.

Scooby-natural Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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