Camilla Luddington Reveals What Could Happen If Jo’s Husband Returns On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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For Grey’s Anatomy fans, meeting Dr. Jo Wilson’s (played by Camilla Luddington) abusive husband Dr. Paul Stadler (played by Matthew Morrison) was a big moment in season 13. Now, that we’re in season 14, and Morrison has teased his return, things are getting complicated for Jo, her career, and of course her love life.

Back in August, Morrison told The Argonaut that he was in fact coming back for more Grey’s and that his character would play “a big role.” Although ABC has yet to confirm his character’s return, all signs are pointing to Paul coming back and interfering with Jo’s life, and current romance with Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).

Last month, Luddington chatted with Entertainment Weekly about her character’s rekindled romance with Alex — yay, Alex and Jo are finally back on track — and the possibility of dealing with Paul again. She admitted that even though Morrison isn’t confirmed by the network, if Paul does come to Seattle she has a plan for how Jo might deal with it.

“I realize that’s something she can’t shake maybe until they do see each other again. It’s a very important story to tell. I’m honored to be part of that story, and I hope that we do see him, and hopefully it does lead to some sort of healing and closure for her,” Luddington told Entertainment Weekly about prepping for Paul’s possible return.

Although Luddington doesn’t know if, or when, Paul could return, she wants to get closure for Jo in some way, and we’re thinking this could be the season for that to happen.

“But it’s also kind of terrifying, the idea of seeing him again, because the way she’s described him is that he’s very, very, very manipulative, and he’s a very frightening person,” she explained. “I would love her to have the strength to continue to stand up for herself, but we haven’t seen what that relationship is like together yet. So, we’ll have to see, if they do meet, what that means for her.”

Now that Alex has met Paul (in season 13), and that Jo has started to panic a little bit more about her abusive husband — like when she asks Meredith to drop her name off a medical document in case Paul sees it — we have a feeling that Paul and Jo are going to reunite this season, and it’s going to be intense to say the least.

Okay, Grey’s fans we want to hear your story ideas. What do you think will happen when Paul returns? Will Jo defend herself, or will Alex get into a real fight with him? Will he cause controversy at the hospital, or will Jo run into him outside of the OR? Sound off below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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