Here’s How Blake Lively Feels About Jennifer Lawrence Almost Playing Her ‘Gossip Girl’ Character

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Blake Lively has finally weighed in on the story about Jennifer Lawrence being in the running to play her character on Gossip Girl, and her response is so Serena van der Woodsen.

After Gossip Girl co-creator Josh Schwartz revealed to Vulture that he was told that Lawrence had actually auditioned to play the role of Serena on the hit CW series, and that she was “bummed to not get it,” fans have been wondering what it would’ve been like to see The Hunger Games star on the Upper East Side.

Of course, we also couldn’t imagine Gossip Girl without its lead, Lively as Serena, so when The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the actress earlier this month at the Four Seasons Los Angeles about the casting story, we were all ears on what she’d have to say.

“I take it with a grain of salt and think, ‘Wow that would be really interesting if it were true, but I wonder if it is true,’ so I shouldn’t comment on it,” Lively told The Hollywood Reporter about Lawrence’s rumored obsession with wanting to play her character.

If it really were true, however, Lively joked that casting her was a mistake. “Boy, if she did, they made a bad decision,” the 30-year-old actress joked.

We all know that Lawrence is a fantastic actress, so if she had won the role of Serena aka Blair Waldorf’s best friend and the Upper East Side’s party girl and most-popular teenager, she would’ve nailed it.

That said, Lively was so good as Serena, throughout the show’s six seasons that we really wouldn’t want to watch it with anyone else at the helm.

What do you think People’s Choice fans, which actress would be the very best Serena van der Woodsen? PS: would you want to see a Gossip Girl revival down the road?

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