‘Psych’ Stars Tease TV Revival Chances

(Photo Courtesy: USA)
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Psych ran for eight seasons ending in 2014, and this December fans are finally getting the reunion of their dreams, with a TV movie. But, could there be more from the “psychic” detective and his pals down the line? The short answer: maybe.

Ahead of Psych: The Movie’s December premiere, TV Guide sat down with some of the cast and got to the bottom of whether or not this TV movie will spark a series revival. While the show’s lead James Roday (who plays Shawn Spencer) revealed that he’s “on board” if the fans and creators want it, Kirsten Nelson (who plays Karen Vick) admitted the storyline from the movie could definitely offer more for the characters.

“Maybe,” Nelson told TV Guide about the potential full-series revival. “Because these characters — James and Steve made them more dimensional in this movie.”

Nelson explained that this movie somehow dives into storylines that fans haven’t seen before from the hilarious characters, which means they could in fact push into a full series.

“They’re giving them things to do that we didn’t do in the first eight seasons. I mean, Gus has got a girlfriend now that out-Guses him,” she said in regards to the upcoming movie. “We meet my family. Shawn and Juliet still have got struggles.”

Although the Psych cast hasn’t gotten the green light for a series revival just yet, the fact that the cast seems to be on board for more mysteries, funny nicknames and of course pineapples is great news for all you Psych-Os out there!

Psych: The Movie airs on December 7, 2017 at 8 p.m. on USA.

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