Louis Tomlinson Shares An ‘Exciting’ Career Update With Fans

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With a slew of new music releases, Louis Tomlinson has been giving fans plenty of reason to rejoice, and his latest tease is no exception.

On Tuesday (Oct.31), Tomlinson took to Twitter to tell his supporters that he is definitely working on new things, and he’s really pumped about it.

“Hope everyone’s doing good! Still writing and got rehearsals next week,” Tomlinson tweeted, describing his current ventures as “exciting” stuff.

Tomlinson has teased his upcoming debut solo album before, but news that he’s still writing and rehearsals are underway gives fans even more to get hyped about before the actual release of his record.

After releasing “Just Like You” earlier this month supporters of Tomlinson have been waiting and craving more new tracks, and based on this recent tweet, more songs are definitely headed our way. In the meantime, we’ll just have to listen to all of the British singer’s singles on repeat.

Or, you can listen to Tomlinson’s tracks in between checki Niall Horan’s new record, Flicker, which Tomlinson is a major fan of. In fact, the day before announcing that he is back to work for his own record, the singer tweeted about his former bandmate’s success.

“Niall well done on everything lad. Proud as always!,” he tweeted after learning Flicker had made it to the number one spot on Billboard’s 200 Chart this past weekend.

Clearly the guys are killing it with their solo careers, and we’re just hoping Tomlinson is next to release his debut record and have it soar to the top of the charts as well!

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