Rachel Platten Is Very Proud Of New Album ‘Waves’

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Rachel Platten recently released her second studio album, Waves, and she couldn’t be more proud of the record.

During the latest episode of the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast this week, Platten chatted with the hosts of the show, and discussed her sophomore album, which follows up her debut record, Wildfire from 2016.

“I’m so proud of this (album),” Platten told Billboard during the podcast. “I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve made. I love these songs.”

Platten went on to discuss how she co-wrote every song on the record and the main reason she loves the final product so much is that it shows off every side of herself.

“It’s just me, honestly. It’s just all of me, and it really is me without any filter. And it’s kind of showing all of my sides, where maybe the last record was me at my most vulnerable in a kind of a broken way?” Platten explained.

This record shows the “Fight Song” singer’s new outlook on life, and how much more she wants to accomplish within her musical and personal journey.

“Because I had not yet understood anything other than the drive to get to what I thought was the top of a mountain,” she said of her first record. “But now I’ve since realized there’s no top, you just circle it. You get where you think you wanted to go, and you look down, and you’re like, ‘I have so much farther I want to go still.'”

Check out Platten’s latest record, Waves, now for yourself and sound off in the comments below on which song is your favorite.

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