Louis Tomlinson Says New Songs Sound ‘Big’

(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)
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Another day, another Twitter tease from Louis Tomlinson… and we’re not complaining!

On Thursday (Nov. 2), Tomlinson revealed a little bit more about the music he’s working on and although the tweet is a little vague, he does hint that his new material is coming along very nicely.

“Good day of rehearsals, new songs sounding big!” the British singer tweeted sending his fans into a bit of a craze.

While he didn’t give away anything about his upcoming debit solo record, he did tease that the new tracks are sounding “big,” which is definitely good news.

The “Just Like You” singer has clearly been in the studio working hard on his first solo record — which has yet to get a release date, because this is the second tease he’s posted this week.

On Tuesday, Tomlinson tweeted that he was not only rehearsing soon, but he was working on new things in the writing department, so it’s safe to say that the musical juices are flowing for the former One Direction singer.

“Hope everyone’s doing good! Still writing and got rehearsals next week,” he tweeted at the time.

With these back to back teases about his music, the writing process, and “big” sounds, fans can’t help but wonder if the album is closer than we think. We need answers, Louis! Either way, rehearsals are promising, even if we don’t know what they’re for just yet.

Sound off below with what you think Tomlinson could be working on right now, and fingers crossed it is album related.

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