Niall Horan Gives Massive ‘Thank You’ To Canadian Fans

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Niall Horan might have a special place in his heart for his homeland of Ireland, but Canada is now one of his favorite countries to perform in.

Although Horan is an Irishman, he has a special appreciation for his Canadian fans, because they helped push his debut record, Flicker, to the number one spot in Canada. In fact, the “Slow Hands” singer was so excited about his chart position that when he took the stage at Toronto’s Massey Hallin on Wednesday (Nov. 1) he gave the crowd a shout out for all of their love and support, Rolling Stone reports.

“Welcome to the Flicker Sessions. Because of you, this is not just a normal show,” Horan told the crowd after kicking off the night with a few more songs. “This is a ‘thank you’ show. It is you guys that took this album to No. 1 on the Canadian charts and I really appreciate it. This stuff doesn’t happen to people like me — or shouldn’t happen, anyway.”

According to Rolling Stone, the “Mirrors” singer performed songs off his new album as well as beloved One Direction tunes before the night came to a close. Throughout the show he took to the mic to show his appreciation to the crowd saying, “You’re just the nicest people in the world… it’s just true.”

Before wrapping up the show Horan said a “massive, massive thank you” and complimented the “beautiful venue” and “top Canadian crowd.” In case you didn’t already know it, Horan is a big fan of his fans, and this shout out in Canada just proves it and makes us love him even more.

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