Blake Shelton Reveals How His Album ‘Texoma Shore’ Got Its Name

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Blake Shelton dropped his new album, Texoma Shore, last week and now he’s opening up about how it got its title. Hint: it’s close to home.

On Tuesday (Nov. 7), Shelton took to Twitter to talk about his latest record, and revealed that its title is thanks to a real place where he grew up. It is something that has a lot of meaning to him personally, and it’ll give you a little more insight into who Shelton is as a person, not just an artist.

“#TexomaShore was made on the shore.. of Lake Texoma.. can y’all hear the waves??” Shelton tweeted along with a video explaining more about the record’s title.

The “I’ll Name the Dogs” singer told fans that it’s not just where he recorded the album, but where he calls home that helped influence Texoma Shore.

“I ended up choosing Texoma Shore as the title of this album, because it really does, it brings me back home. Literally this album was recorded on the shoreline of Lake Texoma,” Shelton said in his Twitter video. “Literally, physically it was done there, but even beyond that, had it not been recorded there, this is one of those summertime, lake albums, that’s what I wanted it to be anyway. I wanted it to represent something where I’m from and I feel like Texoma Shore pretty much says it all.”

As Shelton fans know, the artist grew up in Oklahoma, and Lake Texoma is located on the border of Oklahoma and Texas, which makes a lot of sense, since it holds such a special place in The Voice coach’s heart.

For more information about Shelton’s 10th studio album (which is available everywhere now), or his upcoming Country Music Freaks Tour, click here.

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