Faith HIll Says She Doesn’t See Herself As A Performer

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Faith Hill has been on the country music scene since 1993 (when her first album Take Me As I Am was released), and yet to this day she doesn’t see herself as a performer.

After becoming one of country’s most notable and iconic couples, Hill and her husband Tim McGraw have finally teamed up for a duet-filled album called, The Rest of Our Life, and their joint tour, Soul2Soul, which was recently expanded to 2018. Despite all of these performances and years of experience, the is still humble when it comes to her talents.

“I don’t see myself as a ­performer, just as a singer,” Hill told Billboard ahead of a concert in Washington D.C. this month. “But I feel more relaxed onstage now than in the past.”

Although Hill — who hasn’t toured in 10 years because she was raising her children with McGraw — has always seen herself as a singer, she’s more at ease with everything that comes with a big tour.

“To be onstage with one of the greatest ­performers in our generation…” Hill starts before getting interrupted by McGraw asking, “Who’s going to be here?”

“No, Tim is really a master at…” she begins again before McGraw swoops in with, “Garth Brooks is coming tonight? Kenny Chesney?”

After their playful banter Hill adds, “Tim’s a master at his craft, and I wish he wasn’t sitting here to hear me say this, because he can get a little cocky.”

Clearly McGraw’s humor and experience on the road has given Hill the cushion she needed to get back into the spotlight and start singing again on a big stage, and luckily for fans, it has resulted in the two extending their current tour well into next year!

The Rest of Our Life drops on November 17, 2017.

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