Hunter Hayes Teases ‘Mini-Movies’ On Upcoming Record

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Hunter Hayes a lot of fun things up his sleeves when it comes to his new music, and the coolest part might be his mini-movies.

On Friday (Nov. 10), Hayes went on Buzzfeed’s AM to DM to talk all about his new record — which won’t be released all at one time — and it sounds amazing.

“Basically, what it comes down to is I want to put out my record one song at a time, or as it’s ready, versus like, here’s a release date and I play the same stuff for three years, it feels very outdated to do that. So, we’re just trying new stuff,” Hayes told the Buzzfeed’s AM to DM reporter about his new music plan.

Despite the fact that the country music singer will release the songs at different times, there is one thing that will link them all together… a series of mini movies!

“I wanted to do something visual that tied everything together, so that the fans know that it’s all part of one big picture. Even though we’re doing one song at a time it is all part of a big long story, and this is just a part of the story. So, we decided to do this series I guess,” Hayes explained.

The new record kicked off with Hayes’ single, “You Should Be Loved,” which came out in October, and the first mini movie will drop next week, along with his second single. As for what the movies will consist of, they have a retro vibe.

“So, we decided to tie all this stuff together in this really, cool, beautiful story, that I’m really excited about that actually takes place in the ‘50s,” Hayes said. “Which I super love, because it personally takes me out of current reality and transports me with these songs.”

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