Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Cried A Lot While Making Her Latest Album

(Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson)
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Kelly Clarkson’s eighth studio album, Meaning of Life, is full of emotional songs and deep tracks, so it’s not surprising that while working on it, she was full of emotions.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Clarkson opened up about the process of making this record, and admitted that she “cried a lot,” and it’s possibly due to the fact that she had just has her second child, Remington, when she began work on this record.

“Obviously it’s very productive making a human,” Clarkson told Billboard after explaining that she got back into making music pretty quickly after having her son. “I needed something outside of that — almost as a bit of an escape. And then come back (home) and you’re like so in love with the moment again.”

The former American Idol winner noted that the soulful tracks and heartfelt lyrics you hear on this album are in part due to her vulnerability after becoming a mom once again.

“I possibly went back too early after Remy’s pregnancy, making this album, because I cried a lot,” she admitted. “I felt everything. But I think that there’s something cool about that, too, like in hindsight. Because I think I was really emotional, like feeling everything in the studio.”

All of her heard work, and literal tears have paid off for the artist, whose album, Meaning of Life, debuted at the number two spot on Billboard’s 200 Album Chart. Plus, her fans seem to love the new music and her ability to leave it all on the tracks, so maybe crying in a recording studio is actually a really good idea!

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