Miley Cyrus Makes A Surprising Confession About Her Music

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Miley Cyrus has six records to be proud of, and yet, she isn’t exactly a fan of her own music… at least not all the time.

On Monday (Nov. 27) night’s episode of The Voice, Cyrus made a surprising confession about her music, and pop music in general, that we didn’t see it coming. While talking about her team member, Brooke Simpson’s performance of P!nk’s “What About Us,” Cyrus admitted that not all pop music is good… including her own tracks.

“She has got such an amazing year and an amazing way to interpret pop music – which, I’m the popstar sitting here and I don’t even like pop music half the time, I don’t even like my own pop music most of the time – but you take a song that’s on the radio that I can’t always relate to and, like Adam [Levine] said, make it about you,” Cyrus told both Brooke and the audience via Just Jared.

The former Disney Channel star revealed that she fell victim to trying to do what everyone thought pop music was when she first started, and eventually learned that being you is what makes your music good.

“In the beginning I always kind of fought back about doing mainstream ’cause actually Adam taught me sometimes when something’s on the radio, people know it so well, it’s hard to make it your own,” she continued. “But you did it perfectly this week and I’m just so, so proud of you.”

Whether or not you like pop music, it’s refreshing to hear Cyrus admit that it’s better to make something your own than to just be one of the many doing something boring or mainstream.

(H/T Just Jared)

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