Zendaya Reveals Her Favorite Kind Of Compliment

(Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)
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Zendaya is more than a triple threat when it comes to her career, being an actress, singer, author, designer, and more, and yet getting compliments from her fans still make a big impression on her everyday life.

As InStyle’s January cover girl, Zendaya opened up about all of the different sides of acting and what comes with it. The multi-hyphenate star revealed that it’s being a role model to young girls and boys that continues to make her feel great. In fact, being called a role model is the greatest compliment to her.

“I’ve had the luxury of watching people do this before me, and I realize that [being a role model] is actually a huge part of the job,” Zendaya told InStyle. “You sign up for that. You’re being watched. You can choose to accept that and appreciate it, or you can choose not to. That’s 100 percent your choice. I choose to acknowledge it.”

The former Disney Channel star loves that people look to her and feel as if what she’s doing is making a difference in their lives or their children’s lives and it keeps her going and acting in an honest and mature manner.

“When parents or young people come up to me, the first thing they say is not ‘Oh, I love that show you did.’ It’s ‘Hey, thank you for saying this’ or ‘My daughter really needed to see that.’ That stuff is much more of a compliment,” she said.

With Zendaya’s attention to detail and her ability to pick roles that mean something to her it makes sense that her fans turn to her as a role model. Plus, she is doing it all, and that’s role model worthy in our books.

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