Louis Tomlinson Is Really ‘Proud’ Of His New Single

(Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)
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Louis Tomlinson has released three singles in 2017 — one with Bebe Rexha and two solo tracks — but right now he is most proud of his latest track, “Miss You,” which dropped today!

The British singer shared his excitement over the release of “Miss You” by taking to Twitter on Friday, which is very typical for the artist who frequently teases any, and all, of his music news and updates on the platform.

“Really proud of Miss You! Hope you lot love it as much as I do!” Tomlinson tweeted, and we definitely agree with his excitement over the new song.

After Sony Music Singapore tweeted back saying their entire office loves it, Tomlinson replied, “Legends!” further proving that the former One Direction singer loves and listens to his fans and what they have to say.

It should come as no surprise that Tomlinson is a fan of this song, however, because before it even came out he was talking about how much the song meant to him in interviews. Even though he was vague about what the song was about previously, he was clear on one thing… his excitement level.

“But I’m really excited about that song actually,” the singer told Key 103 in Manchester last month about “Miss You,” which at the time was just another one of his mystery songs. “This song is closest to my heart, so that’s cool.”

Now that “Miss You” is out, what do you think about the song? Sound off in the comments below Tomlinson fans, and if you haven’t heard it yet, get to listening to it ASAP!

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