Andy Grammer Says New Album Is A Snapshot Of ‘Where I’m At’

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Andy Grammer’s third studio album is here, and it perfectly describes where he is in his life right now.

The Good Parts dropped on Friday (Dec. 1), and Grammer couldn’t be happier with the finished product. In fact, before the record was available to fans, the “Fresh Eyes” singer chatted with Billboard about what exactly is on the album, and how much of himself you’ll hear coming through the lyrics.

“I love going places that could sound cheesy, but when you hear them just sound sincere. I do feel like we did it pretty well on this one — I’m really proud of it,” Grammer told Billboard about the new music.

The “Honey, I’m Good” singer is so happy with this sound and the meanings behind each song that he doesn’t really care if some people don’t love it as much as he does, which is refreshing to hear.

“At this moment, I love it so much that if you don’t like it, it’s probably not for you then. Because this is me,” he explained. “As an artist I care to show where I’m at, and this is a very good snapshot of where I’m at.”

There are 13 songs on the album including the title track, “The Good Parts,” and all of them help give fans a glimpse of what Grammer’s life is like at this moment in time. To hear the record for yourself, you can stream it or buy it here.

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