Ed Sheeran Announces Another ‘Perfect’ Collaboration

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Just when you thought Ed Sheeran didn’t have any more tricks up his sleeves, he’s announced another version of his single “Perfect,” and we’re not worthy!

On Friday (Dec. 8), Sheeran appeared on the Today show and after performing for the talk show audience, he shared a bit of exciting news regarding his song “Perfect.”

“There’s one more coming next Friday. You know what, I’m going to say. I’ve got an Italian operatic version with Andrea Bocelli coming out,” Sheeran shared with the Today show. “I haven’t told anyone that, but next Friday it speaks. It’s good.”

The British singer released a second version of his hit single last week featuring Beyoncé (even though Sheeran never thought the “Formation” singer would agree to doing it), and fans couldn’t get enough of the collaboration. Now they will be getting a third version… with an Italian twist.

It’s a really beautiful video accompanying it,” Sheeran teased before noting that Bocelli’s part is sung in Italian.

Okay, we don’t think our hearts can handle any more of these surprises from the “Shape of You” singer. The original track was pretty darn “perfect,” and adding in Beyoncé was a brilliant idea. Taking “Perfect” to an even more epic heights by having an Italian verse, with an iconic Italian singer, however, might top them all!

Luckily, we only have to wait a week to hear this third version, and then the “Perfect” trio will be complete… or will it?

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