Jake Miller Says Tour Will Be ‘Different’

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Jake Miller is ready to do it all on his own, and so far he’s dominating at being an artist without a label, especially when it comes to his touring schedule and plan.

Come spring 2018, Miller fans will be getting a new album, which will be followed by his Hit and Run Tour, which kicks off in April. As for what fans can expect to see while on tour, it’s still up in the air, but Miller is ready to be different and creative no matter what.

“By then, the new album will be out. We will put a whole new show together. I’m going to have to figure out which songs to get rid of from the set list and which songs to add, or maybe just make the set a lot longer. I don’t really know,” Miller revealed during a Build Series interview in New York City earlier this month. “I haven’t really gotten into the mindset of how to make it creative and different, but it definitely will be. Every tour has to be different.”

Despite the fact that it is a challenge to make every tour different, the “Can’t Help Myself” singer loves being on the road and creating new music for his fans and himself.

“Being on the road to me is like my favorite thing in the world,” he explained before noting that his plan is simple for his career, and it benefits everyone. “We’re just going to stay on the road, we’re just going to keep announcing tours, and keep making music.”

If you want to see Miller on tour next year as a part of the Hit and Run Tour, which starts in Tampa, Florida, and ends in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can check out all the details here. Tickets are already on sale, so get yours fast!

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