Maggie Lawson Teases ‘Psych-Os’ About Potential Second Movie

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Psych fans got the gift they’ve been waiting for this year when the creators and original cast teamed back up for Psych: The Movie. Even though Psych: The Movie just premiered (this month) fans already want more.

The good news is that while another film isn’t exactly in the works as of now, three of the cast members have already teased that they’d be interested in more detective work, and fans can officially begin freaking out now.

After one fan tweeted that they can’t wait for the sequel to the December 2017 film, the show and movie’s leading man, James Roday, who plays Shawn Spencer taunted all you Psych-Os out there by saying, “Wait. You Psych-os want us to make moooooore?.”

As all Psych fans can attest, the answer is obviously yes. Yes, we all want more. In addition to Roday’s teasing question, Maggie Lawson, who played Juliet O’Hara, responded with a really positive answer that should make fans of the USA Network show and TV movie very happy.

“I mean, I’M in… But I’m not sure how the Psych-os feel about it… 🍍,” she replied tagging her fellow cast mates.

While there is no word on whether or not the second movie will happen, creator Steve Franks previously said he’d like to do way more than one movie.

What do you think Psych-Os, do you want another movie?

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