Mindy Kaling Gives A Sneak Peek At Her New Show ‘Champions’

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It’s been a month since The Mindy Project aired its final episode, and Mindy Kaling is already back in front of the camera…and behind it.

In early December, Kaling proved that you can’t keep her away from the TV and comedy world with a sneak peek at her latest series, Champions, which she is writing, producing, and appearing in, and we’re not mad about it one bit.

“When you’re not even in the scene but you wander over from video village ‘cause you crave interaction,” Kaling tweeted alongside a picture from the set of Champions. The series follows two brothers, Vince (Anders Holms), a gym owner who doesn’t have his life together, and Matthew (Andy Favreau), who are also roommates.

As you can see in the image, the actress immersed herself in a scene between Favreau and J.J. Totah, who will star alongside Kaling and Holm in the upcoming comedy. In typical Kaling fashion, she looks to be super hands-on with this project, which was picked up by NBC in May.

While it’s no Dr. Lahiri trying to be her own role model while kicking butt as doctor, this Kaling comedy sounds awesome. Plus, if Kaling does keep her fans in the loop via social media like she did with The Mindy Project, we’ll all be craving this show even before it gets a premiere date.

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