Jake Miller Says Next Album Is More ‘Upbeat’

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After releasing 2:00 AM in LA in June 2017, you’d think Jake Miller would be taking a break from working on music, but luckily for his fans, his entire life is about creating new songs, no matter where he is.

“I’m independent now. I’m making music on the road,” Miller said on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show last week . “I can literally go back to the hotel after this and make a full song if I wanted to.”

Since Miller stepped away from his label, he’s already created one record, and he’s not stopping there. In addition to going out on the road again for his Hit and Run Tour in spring of 2018, Miller promises a new album that will be “even better than the last one” around the same time.

“I’m in a different part of my life now. This album is a lot more fun, it’s more upbeat. It’s a lot more kind of summery,” he explained about album number three. “I’m really excited for everyone to hear it, ’cause I’m in a really good place in my life right now.”

Miller previously teased that when the Hit and Run Tour kicks off in April his third album will already be out, which means a new tour set list, show and of course more songs to sing along to.

(H/T Just Jared Jr.)

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