Lorde Has Good News For Her Fans About ‘Melodrama’

(Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)
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Lorde has good news for her fans – she’s offering a vinyl version of her record Melodrama!

On Monday (Dec. 18), Lorde announced on social media that Melodrama, which was originally released in June 2017, will now be available in vinyl and it’s definitely like a gift for fans who’ve been asking for this for a long time.

“You’ve been asking and it’s FINALLY available to preorder: Melodrama on Vinyl 🌌🌌🌌 !!!!!!!!” Lorde tweeted along with a link to her official store.

What’s even better is that this announcement has not one, but two different Melodrama vinyl options to choose from — plus, all of her other Melodrama gear, like tees and a hoodie.

The first option is the Standard, which features a “beautiful sleeve, full lyrics & a double sided photo page,” according to the “Green Light” artist. As for the second vinyl option, the Deluxe, it has the same sleeve, “180 gram JUICY BLUE WAX, and SIX double-sided photo pages for ur walls/life!!!”

Clearly, Lorde is excited about these new vinyl options and fans should be too. There is, however, one more vinyl version that has yet to be released, but according to the New Zealand singer it is coming… but not until next year.

“For those asking, COLLECTORS’ vinyl is still a ways’ off – these usually come later in a cycle, and as the record keeps growing and changing so do our concepts,” she tweeted. “But it will be later next year and v v luxury.”

So there you have it! You can order either the Standard or the Deluxe vinyl now on Lorde’s official store site, or you can wait until the Collectors vinyl drops in 2018. It’s up to you, but either way Melodrama on vinyl is a good idea.

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