Niall Horan Hints More Country Tunes Could Be Coming

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When Niall Horan’s debut solo album dropped in October, there were a lot of new sounds and songs that fans of the singer might not have expected. The biggest surprise might’ve been his duet with country singer, Maren Morris.

In a new interview with Esquire, Horan opened up about his debut record, Flicker, and the different sound on the album that was much more catered to his songwriting side. He also revealed that his country team-up with Morris for “Seeing Blind,” might seem outside his norm, but it’s actually really familiar to him.

“It’s in my blood. I’m Irish,” Horan told Esquire when asked if he’s be going country again in the future. “The closest thing to Irish music is country music — well, country music and singer-songwriter — so I’m guessing it would be more than likely.”

Horan has already performed at one of country music’s biggest nights, the Country Music Awards, which he called, “one of the best, most enjoyable days I’ve had in my career,” so teaming up with another country artist in the future or singing something with a little more twang seems right up his alley. Plus, Morris is going on tour with the Irish crooner in 2018 as a part of his American tour dates for Flicker World Tour, so clearly country is in his roots.

As for who he’s sing alongside in the country realm, that’s yet to be seen, but if you love “Seeing Blind” then any nod to country music from Horan is a good idea.

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