Selena Gomez Makes An Exciting Video Announcement

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Selena Gomez has a way of knowing how to keep her fans hooked and happy with her music, and she’s officially done it again.

On Tuesday (Dec. 19), the former Disney Channel star took to Twitter to announce that she’s releasing a behind-the-scenes look at her already successful music video for “Wolves” which features Marshmello.

“Get a look behind the scenes of the Wolves video tomorrow!” she simply wrote with a glimpse at what you’ll be able to see today.  Gomez included a teaser which shows her walking from one set of the music video to another, cameras in action.

While most fans have already watched the actual music video for “Wolves” on repeat since it was originally released in November, this new video will show more of the outtakes, and what its actually like to be Gomez on the set of her music videos. It’s a pretty fun way to see what a day in the life of the “Bad Liar” singer would really be like.

Plus, it’s been about two months since Gomez released “Wolves” as a single, and you know you are in need of another reason to hear the catchy track again, so this is your chance.

Seeing as Gomez has teased numerous times now that she is in fact working on a new album, which will drop at some point next year, watching the new behind-the-scenes “Wolves” video can help hold you over until the singer and actress gives fans an official album in 2018.

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