Garth Brooks Teases Live Album

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Garth Brooks is one of the greatest country singers of all time, and even though he just finished a three-year long tour, he’s already ready for more work come 2018.

In a recent interview with Billboard, ahead of the official end of his three-year tour — which wraps up on December 23, 2017  — Brooks revealed that although he’s taking a touring break, new music is on the horizon, and it could all be starting with a live album.

“We’re going to see. In 2018, there are going to be some major decisions for us and that will determine a lot of what the schedule is,” Brooks told Billboard when asked if his live album would be coming out next year. “You’re trying to make the best decisions for the music and whomever owns those copyrights.”

While it’s still up in the air on whether or not a live album will be a realistic release in 2018, the “Friends In Low Places” singer did tease that new music is definitely being worked on.

“Yes,” Brooks simply answered when asked if he was in fact writing new music. “What I love about it is it’s writing with writers you’ve written with, it’s writing with new people, and then what’s fun is to take those new people and the old writers and put them in a room without you, and then put them in a room with you and see what they do.”

As fans, we love seeing who Brooks writes with and collaborates with as well, so no matter what the songs are about, we’re ready for new music… whether it’s a live album or a studio one!

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