Jake Miller Declares His All Time Favorite Album

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It looks like Shawn Mendes might have some competition when it comes to his love for John Mayer and his music, because Jake Miller just revealed he’s a major fan as well.

On Thursday (Dec. 21), Miller took to social media to share with his fans a big secret about his music taste. He opened up about which album is his favorite of all time and the honor goes to one of Mayer’s records.

“Battle Studies by @JohnMayer is my favorite album of all time. The most nostalgic thing in my life hands down,” Miller tweeted.

In addition to sharing how much he loves Battle Studies, which was originally released in 2009 by Mayer (and was the singer’s fourth studio album), the “Can’t Help Myself” singer also picked his top five songs by the musician and his answers have us wanting to listen to Mayer on repeat right this minute.

“Stop This Train, Heartbreak Warfare, Edge of Desire, Still Feel Like Your Man, Assassin,” the Florida native tweeted after a fan asked him to list his top five tunes by the “Your Body is a Wonderland” singer.

Miller’s love of Mayer and his feeling of nostalgia has us ready to throw it back this Thursday and listen to our favorite records growing up. So, we want to hear from you People’s Choice readers, which album is your all-time favorite? What are your favorite songs by your favorite artist growing up?

Sound off in the comments below… and maybe listen to John Mayer while you do so.

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