Sarah McLachlan Reveals Whether New Music Is On The Way

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When it comes to original tracks, Sarah McLachlan fans have been waiting a long time. Now, it sounds like their patience is finally about to pay off.

After receiving a Grammy nomination for Wonderland, which dropped in 2016 and is full of festive holiday tunes, McLachlan chatted with Huffington Post about a potential full-length record. The good news is that she is interested in new music, as proven by the 2016 release of “The Long Goodbye.”

“I wrote it and I was fully aware that I would not have an album’s worth of material any time soon. So, people suggested that I just put it out on its own,” McLachlan told Huffington Post about her most-recent solo track release. “I didn’t want it to sit there and get stale. That being said, it’s a long song and it’s just me on acoustic guitar. I needed to say what I was feeling I needed to get it out.”

While she did feel the need to release “The Long Goodbye,” she hasn’t released a full album since 2014’s Shine On and fans are ready for more. Come 2018, singer is ready to get back to work and that means we’ll finally be getting new music!

“Yeah. I’m definitely gonna get in the studio and I’ve got a whole bunch of music for a new record,” McLachlan said when asked about her artistic plans for next year. “I have to finish writing it.”

Even though the next album isn’t totally written, getting back in the studio is very exciting for both the Canadian artist and her diehard fans.

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