‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Weighs In On Possible Dawson And Casey Baby This Season

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Chicago Fire is set to return next month after a month off, and fans still have one burning question that needs to be answered… are Dawson and Casey going to have a baby this season?

While we don’t have the answer right now, the series creator Derek Haas has teased that Gabriela Dawson (played by Monica Raymund) and Matthew Casey (played by Jesse Spencer) have reasons for not talking babies thus far in season 6, but that might not always be the case.

“We’re not fully there yet, at least through the first half of the season,” Haas told TVLine of the TV couple’s baby plans. “They’re still so young in their marriage. I think part of the attraction is that you can build your own relationship first before you start the family.”

Although the couple did plan to adopt last season — before it fell through — their dynamic is a little bit different now, Haas noted. He explained that last season they were “at different places in their lives when they wanted children earlier.”

Because the duo lost their chance at adopting Louie (when his father came back into the picture), they need to “take a little time for themselves” Haas added, but that doesn’t mean babies are off the table forever.

In fact, Spencer told TVLine that he thinks the duo will have a child when the time is right and that his character will be a good father. “They’ve always been a really solid couple, so I think that’s a natural progression. I know the fans want to see it. I want to see it, too,” he said.

What do you think Chicago Fire fans, do you want Dawson and Casey to have a baby?

Chicago Fire returns on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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